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A Cancellation fee is chargeable if insufficient notice is given. Please see our Terms and Conditions below, or ask our Clinic Administrator.

Consultant Psychiatrist Appointment

For consultations, whether conducted online or in-person:

The initial hour of consultation is charged at £350, with subsequent hours billed at £300 per hour, calculated pro rata.

Our minimum charge is for one hour.

Follow-up appointments are priced at £150 for the first 30 minutes, and £150 per 30 minutes thereafter, also calculated pro rata.

This price includes a letter from the doctor about your health and what treatments might help, and if needed, they'll also tell you if you have a certain health condition.

Clinical Psychologist Appointment

For appointments with one of our psychologists, whether conducted online or in-person, the charges may vary depending on the complexity of the case and the specialist assigned after review.

The charges could range from £65 to £130 per hour. A minimum charge is for one hour.


Our medico-legal services are tailored to your specific case. Following a thorough review of your case files by our consultant, charges will be determined accordingly.

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The Well Centre T&C

Please note, we accept referrals from your GP for assessments, treatments, counselling, psychotherapy and medicolegal and practical reasons.

The initial appointment can last up to 2 hours. Mostly we need to see the patient or young person at least twice to complete the assessment. Normally the patient or the young person would be seen with the parent/s or nominated carer, this would be followed by a session with the patient or the young person on their own (but only if he or she agrees, otherwise the session continues with all present).

The Well Centre prefers to see adults with a chaperone unless the client declines this.

In The Well Centre’s capacity as a private institution, The Well Centre prefers not to issue prescriptions if that is what is agreed upon or recommended by The Well Centre professional. Most GP’s agree to start the patient / young person on medication on The Well Centre recommendation. Mostly The Well Centre will follow NICE guidelines and may recommend psychotherapy or another review to see if the symptoms have persisted over time.

The total fees for the Psychiatric intervention will be £300 per hour. If more psychiatric intervention is required then it is usually an indication for referral to the local Mental Health Service, NHS Mental Health Services or to a Well Centre professional. There may be additional fees for telephone or email correspondence / discussions. You are welcome to contact The Well Centre through any media. The client can be followed up by e-Psychiatry session at the usual fee per hour.

An appointment with our Clinical Psychologists is £60 an hour.

Medicolegal rates vary please contact for more information.

Please indicate through email whether the assessment will be paid through your insurance company, privately or in part both.

Please discuss your situation with your insurer and provide The Well Centre with their name and case reference number prior to agreeing to this contract. As such you will take responsibility for the payments of these contributions. Currently The Well Centre is NOT registered with any insurance companies. Please check with The Well Centre, we may be able to discuss with you other payment options available to you.

Please note that The Well Centre can provide you with some general advice and give you in depth information on Psychiatric and Mental Health matters.

The Well Centre professionals can advise referral to counselling or psychotherapy and would of course create a care plan (recommendations).

The initial letter will be sent to you for checking for factual information via password protected email attachment. The Well Centre deals in a sensitive area hence there can be information in the letter that is uncomfortable to read. In addition, if there are confidential issues for you or your child and it is safe to do so then some information will not be shared with you.

As per General Medical Council guidelines it is any doctor's duty to enquire about any safeguarding issues. In some circumstances The Well Centre will be obliged to contact areas such as the regional Social Services or Children’s Services for discussion around Safeguarding or Public Safety issues. This is rare and we will always discuss this with you first.

In addition please note the following terms & conditions;

  1. Although this assessment will be done privately, the standard of care and the quality of the assessment that is expected from The Well Centre should be no different from the professional work as an employee of the NHS.
  2. If there are any concerns or complaints about this assessment, the please try to discuss this with The Well Centre professionals first, you can however, contact your GP to discuss the matter or the GMC directly.
  3. As this case is open to The Well Centre in The Well Centre private capacity, you can ring The Well Centre professionals during office hours through the Well Centre secretary on The Well Centre mobile number 07921 5111 01. The Well Centre are also contactable through text message or email for non-urgent issues. Please indicate that you are a Well Centre private patient. If there are any issues or urgent issues or any medical or psychiatric emergency you can decide either to ring the Out of Hours GP service, which in turn is connected to the Emergency Services, or go directly to any A&E department in the country. You have The Well Centre’s permission to show/ share or provide a copy of The Well Centre professional’s clinic report.
  4. In The Well Centre capacity as a private centre, the Well Centre work will be limited to The Well Centre’s ability to manage risky situations particularly to as such if situations require a multi –disciplinary approach alongside intense clinical support then The Well Centre will be suggesting or recommending either a referral to local NHS Adult or CAMHS team or inclusion of another non-medical private practitioner for help and support with regard to either individual work or family work.


  • Cancellations more than 72 hours before appointment - No Charge
  • 48-72 hours before appointment - 50%
  • 24-48 hours before appointment - 75%
  • Less than 24 hours before appointment - Full fee payable

Cancellations more than 72 hours before the appointment will not be charged and we are happy to refund the full prepaid session fees.


Whether you are referring yourself, have a GP referral or any other means, we are happy to answer your questions. You are welcome to contact us via phone, email, or submit an enquiry


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